About Me

Hello. My name is Jordan Buckley and 28 of you were first introduced to my artwork when I whooped your fucking ass in our 2nd grade art contest. By 5th grade, the offers to draw a yearbook cover were pouring in and there was really no stopping me. Majored in illustration at the University Of Buffalo for a few years but proudly dropped out to tour full time with a band I helped start called Every Time I Die. If you ask me if I’d ever seen a nude model get an erection in the middle of a figure drawing class, I wouldn’t be able to honestly say “no”. But that has nothing to do with why I left. In fact, I still think about him every single day when I draw, and Jordan Buckley World Wide refers to whatever I feel like putting those drawings on. Maybe it’s a tee, maybe it’s a print, maybe it’s the shoes on my feet. There’s even a chance it's shoes on your feet. So take a look around, click some clicks, push some buttons, and I’ll see you in the pit.